Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So since Thurs night when my grandma died I've had lots of questions running through my head. Not sure how to express them all. But the big one right now is that I'm questioning how I'm feeling.

You know humanly speaking I'm supposed to be sad right now. I do but more for the other people who are affected by her death. The only problem is that I feel happier than I do sad. Not because I'm glad she's gone but because she's no longer in pain. She no longer has to worry about her heart, diabetes, and all her medication that went with it. She is now living in a total worry free world.

Five years and three months ago my Uncle Nathaniel died. At the graveside service I had this small picture play through my mind of my grandma meeting him and telling him all things that have happened in the last five years. It brought me to tears but it was a mourning of joy.

Maybe it's alright if I feel this way but I am questioning it right now.

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Becca said...

death, where is your sting?