Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Don't Want to Fight by Derek Webb

I don’t want to be right anymore
I don’t want to be good
I don’t want to change your mind
to feel it like I do

I don’t wanna sell graves
peddle them door to door
a little something to ease your mind
and prepare you for what’s in store

I don’t want to fight
brother I’m not joking about peace
we can have it here tonight
it all comes down to you and me

you never asked me to save anyone
not in whole or in part
like I was some kind of Holy Ghost
come to change their hearts


you know the tree by the fruit
but just between me and you
I never do what I want
I do what I’m taught
and I’ve been learning a lot
about the violence I’m capable of

so I’m walking away from this
before I hurt someone
’cause I’m facing enemies
on both sides of the gun


Becca said...

Funny you should post this; I've been thinking a lot about the violence I'm capable of.

Chucky said...

yea me too

it's pretty scary sometimes but i don't think we should just walk away

Vic said...

I just happened on to your blog somehow. Wow. I've just been thinking so much about the pain and violence in the world. But then I got kind of this shock. To look at the violence in my own life scares the crap outa me. Ya know I can tout peace but great God what am I doing in my daily life to my brothers and sisters of humanity?